Goddess Wisdom - Freyja's Ritual

Kris Waldherr, in Goddess Inspiration Oracle Guide, refers to the Norse Goddess Freyja, as the Goddess of Beauty.  She presided over the living and the dead.  The author points out that Freyja’s story reminds us to acknowledge the healing power of beauty and love which are forces more powerful than war or death.

Amy Zerner & Monte Farber, in Goddess Guide Me!, writes Freyja, is the Scandinavian and Germanic Goddess of Leadership.  Today being Friday, the day named for Goddess Freyja, lets look at Freyja’s Ritual taken from Goddess Guide Me!

Stand Out and Shine!

Goddess Wisdom - Freyja's Ritual1.  You may invoke Freyja’s leadership abilities by wearing a golden token.  Choose a potent incense and light it.  As it burns take a moment to center yourself.  Breathe in the pungent odor five times as you watch the smoke rise.

2.  Using Yellow paper, cut out a five-pointed star and inscribe these words upon it: “Lead the Way.”  Repeat the following invocation five times:

Gracious goddess, lead the way.

Guide and council me today.

Let Me emulate your role

and lead us proudly to our goal.

3.  Fasten the yellow star to your bathroom mirror, where you will see it every day beside your image.

4.  Look up at the stars and feel your Inner Goddess shine and know that you can think creatively, feel proud, and lead the way.


Goddess Eurzulie's Pain Release RitualEurzulie is the Haitian Goddess of sensitivity.  She represents love, beauty, the ideal woman, and the moon.  Her symbol is a heart, her colors are pink, blue, white and gold.  She has also been associated with various bodies of water, such as rivers and streams.  The following is Eurzulie’s Ritual called:

Release That Pain!

On a moonlit evening, fill a bath with warm water and a few drops of sweet-scented oil.  Add a cup of sea salt.  Enter the bath and, while soaking, use your finger to write your name on the surface of the water as you repeat twelve times:

I am a part of the waters of life.

Where they flow, I will go,

Ending discord, hurt, and strife.

Feel relaxed and at ease.  Float like a child in the womb.  Feel your insecurites being absorbed by the healing waters.  Let the water drain out and know that any negative energy will be washed away, as tears release pain and wash away sadness.Goddess Eurzulie's Pain Release Ritual

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