Chanting Is Healing

July 22nd, 2015 | Posted by Velda in SOUND,CHANTS,MANTRAS

Chanting Is Healing

I like to revisit Barbara Levine’s book,  Your Body Believes Every Word You Say, to share her wisdom and exercises.  The author was stricken with a massive, life-threatening brain tumor at the age of 32.  After being misdiagnosed for years and undergoing hundreds of tests, she began looking at the role her language played in reinforcing her illness.  Her discoveries led her to fifteen years of research-and an amazing recovery.

Chanting Is Healint

This is her Self-Help Experience #38 – Chanting

Purpose:  Relaxation, quieting the mind, using sound creatively


1.  Have a reverent attitude before you begin to chant.  You can choose to sit cross-legged, kneel, sit in a chair,  or stand.

2.  You can chant any mantras aloud or silently.  Some teachers believe it is best to chant aloud at least part of the time because the sound vibration produces the healing results.

3.  This chant is one of several the author used successfully—Om Ta Ma Ra Om.  When you chant Om think white, Ta think red, Ma think blue, Ra think yellow, and again Om think white.

Chanting Your Own Affirmations:

Chanting Is HealingDuring an MRI test the author needed, to make sure her brain tumor had not recurred, found the banging noise of the test made it difficult to chant, meditate or pray.  She started using an affirmation in step with the noisy rhythmic beat of the machine, (more like chanting inwardly).  She repeated over and over “Relaxed and happy from head to toe”, saying one word for each beat.  This helped to keep her mind focused and calm, preventing thoughts like, “I can’t stand this”.   Thoughts which were waiting to emerge.  She reported how much it helped when the test was completed.  I am sad that I hadn’t remembered this before a loved one of mine had to experience the noise of a MRI test.