I have read many books that have been inspirational, however, Lucia Capacchine, Ph.D.’s book, The Power of Your Other Hand and the Art of Emotional Healing, was probably one of the most healing.   On June 6, 2002, I decided to deal with one of my fears – journaling.  I have never been fond of my handwriting and I am not the greatest with spelling.  What I do love is children’s art and their whimsical writing, so what the author was recommending sounded fun.  What I wasn’t prepared for is how this exercise brought out so much stuffed and buried emotions and for the first time put me in touch with my inner child.



Here is the basic premise of the exercise, first you will need the following materials:  2 different colored pens or pencils, assortment of 8-12 colored felt pens and a sketchbook 8 1/2 x 11 or larger.  I found the larger worked best for me.  The author will have some suggested questions that might work with some the emotional issues you are personally wanting to work on.  Your journaling starts by writing down a question with your dominant hand then responding by writing and or drawing with your non-dominant hand.  The result of this exercise is absolutely astonishing.  (Picture from author’s illustrations).