These are the last three areas of the Emotional Energy Centers of the Body to be covered.  Previous posts looked at the Root Chakra’s attributes along with appropriate healing gemstones, colors, and affirmations.

rootchakrasurvivalcenterOn the EEC diagram the Survival Center deals with survival issues such as feeling we won’t survive a life-threatening event, violation related to surviving (accidents, abuse, violence, rape), and first year of life-basic creativity.  The Rejection area is on the right side of the body across from the Root Chakra and holds abandonment issues, criticism, judgment by others, self-rejection, and pain in the heart.  On the left side of the body across from the Root Chakra is the Betrayal Area and holds feelings of betrayal by someone trusted and self-betrayal.

One can release negative energies from these areas by writing down your emotions on a piece of paper and symbolically burn them away.  You want to keep the Root Chakra balanced and energized.  This might be the best time after writing down your emotions to connect with your inner child and dance.   Dancing, stomping and jogging into place balances and energizes the Root Chakra and can be great fun especially think tribal type dancing or belly dancing!!!!!!






Angeles Arrien, is one of my most favorite authors. The following is quoted from her book, The Four-Fold Way.   Where in my life did I stop dancing?  Where in my life did I stop singing?  Where in my life did I stop being enchanted with stories? Where in life did I become uncomfortable with the sweet territory of silence?”

The vibrational energy healing we receive from dancing, singing, actively involved in story-telling, and the empowerment of silence touches the very essence of who we are and brings much joy, balance, and spiritual harmony.  Please allow yourself to dance, sing, listen or tell a story today, and allow time for well-deserved cherished silence.