Opening Your Third Eye Exercise

December 15th, 2013 | Posted by Velda in CHAKRAS

Opening Third Eye Exercise

I was thrilled when I discovered the following simple exercise found in Be Your Own Shaman by Deborah King for opening the third eye:

Opening Third Eye Exercise1.  Find a quiet place to relax comfortably in a chair and clear mind.

2. With the intention of opening your third eye, place your middle finger at the bridge of your nose and push up while breathing deeply.

3.  Imagine you are opening the eyelid that is located exactly between your eyebrows.  In your mind’s eye, see this chakra opening.

4.  Do this for about 60 seconds.  The goal of the exercise is not to gain information, but to practice opening the third eye chakra. As you develop this skill, you will begin to have experiences beyond the five normal senses.

5.  The key to increasing your abilities is to relax and let information come to you.  Don’t hesitate to use your imagination to picture what you hope to see while learning.

Opening Third Eye Exercise