Rain Walk Awareness Meditation

Walking can be another wonderful opportunity to be in awareness. Living in the Pacific Northwest, I accept and love the rain (maybe not everyday).  This morning, as I headed out for my early walk, the weather became a downpour.  This was not going to stop me.  I grabbed  my newest weather arsenal, a very large umbrella and my adventure started.  It quickly became one of my favorite walking meditations, which included peace, sound, splashing, and rescuing.

Here is a brief description of my experience:

1.  I was walking in a manicured park with beautiful  old growth fir trees.  The heavy rain kept everyone else away.  It was very peaceful.

2.  I took a deep breath of the pure, clean air, and held it in my lungs for a moment.  With the exhale, I started to release any stress, physical pain, or concerns I brought with me.

3.  There were mini-lakes forming on the path that allowed my inner child to splash through creating more puddles.

4.  I rescued large earthworms stranded on pavement, which took me back to my childhood.  I never had a problem picking up a wiggly worm and placing it on soil.

5.  Today my awareness: I was blessed walking  with nature’s life-sustaining liquid that cleanses and nurtures our wonderful planet.

Rain Walk Awareness Nedutatuib

I invite you to take a Weather Walk either in sun, rain, snow or wind.  Enjoy the beauty around you and know that during your walk the rest of the world slows down.  Nature is Healing!