Tuesday's Healing Word Reflection

The definition of  the word Reflect is to think of something very carefully.  The definition of Reflection is a thought, idea, or opinion formed or a remark made as a result of meditation  consideration of some subject matter, idea, or purpose.  I have reflected for the last few days surrounding my birthday.  What was so interesting …I realized ‘every day is a birth of a different day and I have chosen to reflect on the following’: 

Tuesday's Healing Word Reflection

What is the good of experience if you do not reflect?

~ Frederick the Great

Tuesday's Healing Word Reflection

“Reflect upon your present blessings –of which every man has many –not on your past misfortunes,

of which all men have some.”~ Charles Dickens

Tuesday's Healing Word Reflecrtion

The decisions you make are a choice of values that reflect your life in every way.  ~ Alice Waters

Tuesday's Heailng Word Reflection