tuesday's healing word silence

Today is about the healing power of silence when we turn off the chattering mind and go within to hear our inner wisdom.  It is in silence that we experience the vibration of our deepest creative power.  The pursuit of silence can be found in a quiet early morning walk or a pleasant night stroll. Look for tranquil places either in your home or in nature where you step away from demanding sounds and relax in silence.

Tuesday's Healing Word Silence

When I return from silence I am less than when I entered:

less harried, fearful, anxious and egotistical.

Whatever the gift of silence is, it is one of lessening, purifying, softening.

The “I” that returns is more loving than the “I” who left.
~ Rabbi Rami Shapiro

tuesday's healing word silence
When the mind is still, the Silence will guide me.
There is a profound power in my stillness. I cherish all moments of silence.
I know the healing power & peace in silence.