energy practice foot tapping

energy practice foot tappingAnn Marie Chiasson, MD, has written a home study course called Energy Healing The Essentials of Self-Care.  Her Foot Tapping exercise is excellent for grounding your body.  The author also recommends foot tapping for restless leg syndrome, insomnia, and for foot or ankle injuries.  This is helpful for daily vitality because it opens your body up to energies coming through the legs and feet.

To prepare for this exercise:

 • Sit in chair or on the floor with bare feet or with socks on feet.

Tap all over one foot with hands (as shown top and bottom) for at least one or more minutes.

Do the same tapping on the other foot for one minute or more.

This exercise is also included in some shamanic training because it helps to fully open up the body to the vibration of the earth.