forgivenessaffirmationormantraTonight I am only going to share one healing ‘Forgiveness Affirmation’ which has been used by others as their ‘Personal Forgiveness Mantra’.  However, there are many affirmations to choose from when working through self-forgiveness.  It is difficult to forgive others until we forgive ourselves.  We also can’t love others unconditionally until we love ourselves. That is why it has been suggested to use this affirmation as a ‘Personal Forgiveness Mantra’ and repeat it to yourself until you truly accept it:

 I love you, I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you.





Letting Go of Anger-Affirmations

December 29th, 2012 | Posted by Velda in AFFIRMATIONS

lettinggoofangeraffirmationsThere is nothing wrong with being angry with someone or something.  Holding onto anger is harmful to you.  When you are able to release anger and the negative emotions held in the liver,  it is replaced with a sense of peace and relief.  I have listed here some positive affirmations for releasing anger, so if this is something that feels right for you start plunging away:

I RELEASE ANGER and negative emotions to let the joys of life flow through me.

I replace my destructive emotions with peace and contentment through forgiveness.

I respect and love myself enough to let go of anger and live in peace.

My angry past is healed with forgiveness.

I forgive and act with understanding and compassion.