Attitude: A state of mind or feeling; disposition; a general cast of mind

Tuesday's healing word - attitude

We constantly hear that a positive attitude is everything.  It is difficult to be positive, if suffering from a physical, emotional or spiritual disease. We can give ourselves permission to hope for positive attitudes that are gracious, kind, loving, upbeat, confident and forgiving.  However, acknowledging when we are feeling bitter, angry, melancholy, depressed, fearful, gloomy, or pessimistic is important for healing.

tuesday's healing word - attidude

Attitude is everything.  Mae West lived into her eighties believing she was twenty, and it never occurred to her that her arithmetic was lousy. ( from: Soundings)

 Tuesday's Healing Word - Attitude

 Attitude Affirmation: My williness to acknowledge all my attitudes help awaken me to my potential to heal my wounds.

Tuesday's healing word - attitude