Resolving 4th Chakra Negativity

April 27th, 2016 | Posted by Velda in CHAKRAS

Revolving Heart Chakra Negativity

Heart Chakra operates on the physical as well as the emotional and energetic planes.  The Positive Archetype is The Lover—a person of generosity, openness, compassion, and good will.   The Negative Archetype is The Actor/Actress—a person whose love is conditional.  Their relationships suffer because they have not developed a capacity to hold love in their hearts.

Resolving Heart Chakra Negativity

 Location:  Middle of chest.

Function:  It functions both physically and emotionally to keep the life force alive.  The heart organ carries the life blood through the body and the Heart Chakra moves love through our lives.

Physical Body Energy:  It is essential to our physical supply of energy and vitality through the Thymus Gland, known for building our immunity from pain and disease.

Emotional Body Energy:  The Heart Chakra is the center of love.  It opens us to experience love for ourselves and others.  It lets us feel compassion, joy, and peace.

Mental Body Energy:  Holds ideas and attitudes of happiness, joy, delight, and knowing what makes our heart sing.  The more we love ourselves and accept the wounds of human fragility, the more our love for others grow.

Working Through Heart Chakra Negativity  (based on Ambika Wauters’ book, The Book of Chakras)Resolving Heart Chakra Negativity

1.  Finding the love for oneself, in spite of whatever may have happened, brings healing and releases the past.

2.  Being able to forgive the past, including those who were hurtful, abusive, or destructive, helps keep the heart open.

3.  Accept the present as the point of power where love can heal our wounds and restore our sense of wholeness.

4.  Remember our spiritual purpose is to allow ourselves to be loved.

5.  Learning to accept ourselves as we are, without pride or pretense, keeps the heart open and allows good to come to us.

6.  Make a list of what makes your heart sing.

7.  Commit yourself to the process of reanimating  joy by doing what you love with people you love.

8.  Seeing the good in even the worst situations and the most difficult of people helps keep the heart energy alive.

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Self-Comforting & Calming Energy Exercise

February 15th, 2013 | Posted by Velda in COLORS

Practice this exercise whenever you need self-comforting and calming energy.  Start by placing right hand over the middle of your chest, and left hand on top of right hand. Close your eyes and begin breathing in and out slowly.  Envision the color emerald green swirling around in the palm of your hand and flowing into your Heart Chakra.

Focus your intent on filling your Heart Chakra with warm and radiant loving energy.  Breathe deeply and allow the calming warmth to flow through your entire inner being.  This can bring a feeling of unconditional love and sometimes tears from the feelings of comfort, relieve, and gratitude.  ENJOY!

Open Heart Chakra, Love, Kindness & Affection

January 22nd, 2013 | Posted by Velda in CHAKRAS


The Open Heart Chakra is about love, kindness, and affection.  However  many emotions, such as love, hatred, grief, joy, jealousy, fear of betrayal, feelings of isolation and loneliness and the ability to make ourselves feel better, are all centered in the Heart Chakra.  When it is open, we are compassionate and friendly, and work at harmonious relationships.  If our Heart Chakra is under-active, we can be cold and distant.  If this chakra is over-active, we are suffocating people with love and possibly for selfish reasons.


heartchakralovekindnessaffectionThe healing colors for the Heart Chakra are green and rose.

 The flowers for the Heart Chakra are roses.

Heart Chakra Affirmations are about Unconditional love.

The healthy Heart Chakra is all about Vegetables and Fruit.