Tuesday's Healing Word Nourishment

Nourishment Definition: 1.  something that helps a feeling, idea, or belief to grow stronger;  2. food and other substances that people and other living things need to live, grow, and stay healthy.

Tuesday's Healing Word Nourishment

The editors of Spirituality & Health Magazine asked Rosemary Cunningham to help organize and invite the magazine’s readers to reflect on their daily lives and share the simple actions that nourished their souls.  The following excerpts are from a wonderful collection of their practices included in the author’s book,  Fifty Ways to Feed Your Soul:

Tuesday's Healing Word Nourishment1. Stand SOUL to SOUL with nature

2. Create beauty at work

3. Carry a spirit rock in your pocket

4.  See the world through your pet’s eyes

5.  Sense the love that surrounds you

6.  Sing out

7,  Slow down

8.  Feast on soul food

9.  Whistle as you walk

How will you nourish your soul during this holiday seasonrTuesday's Healing Word Nourishment