Safety Energy Locks for HeadachesHead discomforts of all kinds can be harmonized utilizing finger holds and certain flow patterns from the Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help Books by Alice Burmeister.

Try these simple methods each time you have a headache: Hold your thumbs including the pad of the thumb, aka Safety Energy Lock 18,  left then right for approximately 2 minutes. This will also help you de-stress and relax.

Safety Energy Locks for Headaches

For migraines or any chronic/severe headaches, the trick is to bring energy down to your feet.Safety Energy Locks for Headaches

Try these steps when you feel an onslaught of discomfort in your head: Sitting or lying down, using your right hand reach towards your right foot and touch the area just below your ankle bone where you feel the ‘hollow’ area, aka Safety Energy Lock 16, outside the heel. Do the same with the left hand for your left ankle bone area. Hold both until you feel a pulse.

Next with your right hand use all your fingers to touch the base of the thumb.  Hold until you feel a pulse or for 5 minutes. Next hold your head where you feel the migraine or pain(s) until you feel a pulse. Finish with the ankle holds again.