Honor The Spirit Feather

December 14th, 2014 | Posted by Velda in ANIMAL SPIRIT GUIDES

Honor The Spirit Feathers

According to Ted Andrews author of,  Animal Speak The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small,  any bird or feather that enters your life brings the message that it is there to help you use your intuitive faculties.  Finding feathers could mean that you are on a higher spiritual path.   The feather creates the opportunity to awaken your insights.

Honor The Spirit Feather

I love early morning walks and enjoy the chatter of the crows.  I am always finding beautiful iridescent black feathers on my path.   I had a wise woman teach me that these found feathers are gifts.  My gift is to hold the feather and consider the message it brings me.   Because collecting crow feathers in my State is illegal, I place the feathers near or on a tree or plant as a gift from the Crow.

Honor The Spirit FeatherWhen we see feathers in our midst it is considered a message that we need to lighten up, not take things too seriously, and try to find the joy in our situation.

There are times when a feather becomes a reassurance symbol by appearing to us when we are going through the different phases in our life. Letting us know that we are loved and watched over.

If a feather appears in a dream, the message is begin to move more freely in life.  When a white feather appears  in a dream, it represents a fresh start in a spiritual sense.