Ruda Mudra for Solar Plexus & MoreThe Rudra Mudra helps to govern and activate the Solar Plexus Chakra.  Here are the steps of the Rudra Mudra that will help you to gain control over the Solar Plexus Chakra and center the body:

1.  Sit down comfortably with your back straight and chin and chest held high.  Breathe in and out through your nose.

2.  Raise your hands and press the tips of each index finger, thumb, and ring finger together. The middle finger and little finger should extend straight out.

3.  Hold this posture for at least five minutes. You can perform the Rudra Mudra up to three to six times in a day.

The Benefits of practicing the Rudra Mudra helps relieve, regulate and or improve the following symptoms:

Rudra Mudra for Solar Plexus & More


 Kidney 6 for Clearing Mind & More

In Jacqueline Young’s book, Acupressure Simple Steps to Health, she tells us that the benefits of using acupressure on Kidney 6 helps to clear the mind and improve concentration.  Follow the author’s directions below and enjoy the results:

Kidney 6 Acupressure of Clearing the MindLocation:  On the inside of the ankle, a thumb width below the tip of the ankle bone (shown above).

Technique:  Place the fingers over the top of the ankle for support, apply acupressure perpendicularly with the thumb, then release, relax for several seconds and then repeat the sequence several times. Repeat on other foot.

More Benefits:  Kidney 6 is one of the go-to points on the Kidney channel for restoring balance with the Heart and alleviating emotional issues.