chi exercise the monkey dance

Here is a fun relaxation technique to increase your Chi energy by doing the following Monkey Dance exercise:

START by standing up with unlocked knees, rounded back and the upper part of the body relaxed.  Remember you are imitating a monkey.

NEXT start to make your body shake slightly with no effort.  This movement comes from the heels.  Try to create an inner vibration that releases tensions from all parts of the body: back, shoulders, arms, hands, face, brain….shake and release tensions.

MOVE your weight from one side to the other.  Try different angles, which will help release the tension in different areas.

ADD SOUND if you feel like it.  Monkey’s are great at “aaahh… aaahh…aaaahhhh…aaaahhhh”…the sound comes out with no effort from the deepest parts of their body.


chi exercise the monkey danceNOW IMAGINE the body is full of water and feel how the vibrations move this water and makes it flow easily.  Try to hear the noise of the flowing water in the body and have fun like a kid. Try making the sound of the water jiggling around in your monkey body. What does it sound like?

This relaxation technique is also a great way to balance your body and mind.  I doubt if you have seen many stressed out monkeys.  So keep on shaking and releasing all that bottled up tension.