Hand Mudras for Helping Detox Body

The body eliminates the toxins through various methods.  Using this Apana Mudra helps accelerate release of carbon dioxide from lungs, cough and mucus from organs of respiration, perspiration from skin, excretion through intestine, urination through kidneys and menstruation through hormonal cycle in females.

How to Practice: Place the thumb, middle finger, and ring finger together and extend the other fingers. Do it with both hands. The best time to do Apana Mudra is early morning immediately after you wake up. Practice it for 15 minutes (elderly with weak stomach or liver up to 10 minutes).  This mudra gives us patience, serenity, confidence, inner balance, and harmony. Hand Mudras for Helping Detox Body

How to Practice: This Hatha Yoga Detoxation Mudra is also done with both hands.  Place your thumbs onto the inside edge of the lower joint of the ring fingers.  All the others fingers are relaxed and extended, as shown. Hold this mudra for as long as you like or approximately 15 minutes 3 times a day.

“It is important to consider the things, in addition to waste materials and toxins, that you are willing to let go of—bad memories, old grudges, negative character traits, fears, etc.  This will make room for something new.  What should it be?” Source:  Mudras Yoga in Your Hands by Gertrud Hirschi.