Inspiring Women-Angeles Arrien

I was first introduced to Angeles Arrien when I started my training in vibrational healing.  It was a goal of the school director and myself to attend a workshop by this amazing woman.  I am sad to say it never happened.  However, through her books and tapes, I have experienced her teachings.

Angeles Arrien was a cultural anthropologist, award-winning author and speaker. She developed through her books and workshops practices using the cross-cultural components of leadership and communication skills, creative problem-solving, health care, and education.

Inspiring Women-Angeles Arrien

Her book, The Four-Fold Way: Walking the Paths of the Warrior, Teacher, Healer and Visionary gave me the following archetypes to study.

Warrior: Show up and choose to be present
: Pay attention to what has heart and meaning
: Tell the truth without blame or judgment
Be open to outcome, not attached to outcome.
Inspiring Women-Angeles Arrien

Another Inspiring Woman we will truly miss.  Thank you Angeles Arrien for being such a bright light and leader.

“In the sweet territory of silence we touch the mystery.

It’s the place of reflection and contemplation,

and it’s the place where we can connect with the deep knowing,

to the deep wisdom way.” ~ Angeles Arrien