Tuesday's Healin Word Self-Healing & More

The most avid fan of Balanced Women’s Blog, my daughter, suggested the following phrase might be very appropriate for Tuesday’s Healing Word(s).  I agreed. First before introducing an entire phrase, I wanted to research its beginnings and the author.  Probably many of you might be familiar with this phrase that can have several meanings.  However, for today it is all about the importance of self-care.

Tuesday's Healing Words Self-care

The following words have been described as the most powerful 10 two letter words and today I am suggesting we use them as our self-care affirmation:

tuesday's healing words self-care & more

This is a great reminder and affirmation that before we can give quality care to others, we must first take care of ourselves.  I am pleased this phrase was brought to my attention.  If you have any post suggestions, let me know.  My e-mail address is on the contact page.