hulu hoop for heart chakra exerciseSwimming, jogging, and push-ups are great energetic exercises for the Heart Chakra.  However, I have found a more challenging and fun exercise which possibly some of us haven’t tried since our childhood.  It is playing with a hula hoop.  If you haven’t noticed, this round object can still be found.  Truly this is a great Heart Chakra exercise, even if you are one of the many that can’t get the hoop to hula, your inner child will have such a blast trying.

love is the best exercise for the heart chakra

While practicing this Heart Chakra exercise it is a perfect time to hum, chant or sing the words:  love, love, love.  Opening up our hearts to our self and others is the best healing exercise to open up the Heart Chakra.

These are the last three areas of the Emotional Energy Centers of the Body to be covered.  Previous posts looked at the Root Chakra’s attributes along with appropriate healing gemstones, colors, and affirmations.

rootchakrasurvivalcenterOn the EEC diagram the Survival Center deals with survival issues such as feeling we won’t survive a life-threatening event, violation related to surviving (accidents, abuse, violence, rape), and first year of life-basic creativity.  The Rejection area is on the right side of the body across from the Root Chakra and holds abandonment issues, criticism, judgment by others, self-rejection, and pain in the heart.  On the left side of the body across from the Root Chakra is the Betrayal Area and holds feelings of betrayal by someone trusted and self-betrayal.

One can release negative energies from these areas by writing down your emotions on a piece of paper and symbolically burn them away.  You want to keep the Root Chakra balanced and energized.  This might be the best time after writing down your emotions to connect with your inner child and dance.   Dancing, stomping and jogging into place balances and energizes the Root Chakra and can be great fun especially think tribal type dancing or belly dancing!!!!!!