dseer's healing giftLast week my husband was fortunate to have an uninvited visit from a beautiful buck deer that he captured on video as the animal lunched on daisy and hosta salad. When watching this video, there appears to be an amazing animal to human connection.

In Victoria Hunt’s book Animal Omens, she writes: ”Deer teaches about gentleness and caring.  It is one of the animals most often used as a helper and guide in shamanic work because its energy-force matches a human’s.

Deer is about listening from the heart with patience and love, being who you innately are and not putting on airs or letting the ego get out of hand, and not forcing your views and opinions on others who might see things differently.

If a Deer has come to you, look for the gentle, nurturing part of your spirit that needs to be shared.  By sending out kindness and love, that kindness and love will come back to you threefold.”

I pray for the safety of these magnificent animals that somehow have found their way to the suburbs.