Animal Spirit Guide Magpie

Why magpies today? I am here in Alaska again and two magpies are outside the window in the snow covered trees. Magpie’s messages of things to come; two could mean that a beautiful union of two people is likely to transpire soon. (This speaks to me).  Female magpies are strong, forcefully assertive. Male magpies are calm, quietly contemplative.  The animal spirit of magpie teaches that we achieve balance of our masculine and feminine aspects in practical methods. She asks that we swoop and fight when the time is right. He asks that we stop and contemplate in place of acting ‘busy’.

animal spirit guide - magpie

Steven D. Farmer, Ph.D. writes the following in his book Animal Spirit Guides:

If a Magpie shows up, it means:  Act on opportunities that present themselves. It’s also important now to check and balance your polarities, such as masculine-feminine, intellect-emotions, or spiritual-mundane.  Be straightforward in your verbal communication, saying what you mean while at the same time listening carefully to what the other person is saying.

Call on Magpie when: You are involved in a project that requires the use of ingenuity and resourcefulness which might not always be obvious.

If Magpie is your Power Animal: You are resourceful, intelligent, and adaptable, drawing on whatever’s available to achieve your objectives.  Your interests are broad and varied which leads to exploring anything that comes across your path.Animal Spirit Guide - Magpie