big toes give new pain relieve

Did you ever think that the pain in your neck could be relieved by massaging the neck reflex point on your big toes?  Author Sky Alexander’s Reflexology Card Deck shows the following neck treatment for stiff neck, neck pain, tension, or tightness in the throat:

big toes give neck pain reliefLocation: Inside base of big toe, near where it joins the foot in the bend and next to the second toe.  This reflex point corresponds to the neck and throat.

Treatment: 1. Gently pull and manipulate one of your big toes.  Bend several times slowly.

2. Massage the lower joint with your thumb.  At the base of the big toe, walk your thumb across the bend and then continue walking the thumb slowly up the outside of the toe using a firm pressure.

3. Press your index finger or knuckle against the reflex neck point spot (x shows location in photo) for about thirty seconds.

4. Repeat the process on the other foot.

To enhance results you can use a massage oil or lotion that contains essential oils of lavender or clary sage which will help reduce tension.