Self-Help To Relieve Shoulder Pain

The Shoulder reflex points are between the pinky and fourth toes to the outside of the ball area of the feet.  Massaging these areas relieve shoulder pain, stiffness, fatigue, and tension.

Treatment: 1. Begin massaging the area beneath the pinky toe with the heel of your working hand while the other hand supports the foot as shown in this illustration.self-help to ease shoulder pain

2. Next you can knead this area with harder pressure using the knuckles of the working hand.


3. Finish by rubbing an ARC from the toe to the outside of the ball of the foot with your thumb.  If only one shoulder requires attention, massage the foot that is on the same side of the body as the affected shoulder.

4. The shoulder reflex points on the hands correspond in the same position as the feet. You can massage these reflex points with the thumb for shoulder pain relief throughout the day. Also to enhance massage results, author Skye Alexander of the Reflexology Card Deck recommends using a massage oil or lotion that contains essential oil of sandalwood or frankincense to ease tension.