These are the benefits of applying acupressure to the Governor Vessel 20:  Increases mental alertness, concentration and balances the mind.  Oriental medicine views physical and meridian balance an important aspect of mental and emotional health.  Acupressure points that strengthen the internal organs and promotes circulation through the vessels and meridians help maintain mental and emotional balance.  To locate the Governor Vessel 20, place your thumbs on the top of each ear, stretch the middle fingers out to meet at the top of the head.  This point location should be felt as a small depression in the scalp and may feel slightly tender.  Apply gentle acupressure perpendicularly into the scalp using the middle or index finger.   You can also use a circular motion to message the Governor Vessel 20.

Do not overstimulate this point if suffering from high blood pressure.

acupressureongv26forbrain/mentalfunctionAcupressure is another self-care technique for promoting a balanced healthy body and helping to prevent disease.  With this  acupressure exercise you will be working on the Governor Vessel Meridian acupoint 26 (see diagram).  The location is just under the nose, in the middle of the groove above the lip.  In order to perform this acupressure workout, use your nail or tip of the index or middle finger to apply mild pressure in a vertical direction for approximately 30 seconds.  Breathe freely and visualize a clear mind with sharp mental functioning.  Here is a word of caution: take care not to stimulate this point too hard if you have high blood pressure, and stop immediately if you start to feel unwell or uncomfortable.  Advantages:  Helps to invigorate mental alertness and brain function.  In addition, it helps in concentrating and enhances memory.  It can also prevent or relieve faintness and ease back pain.