Jumper-cabling middle toes/fingers

Jumper-cabling together the middle toes and middle fingers is a general harmonizer especially for the respiratory and digestive functions. It promotes optimal and healthy production of milk for mothers who are breastfeeding.  It also helps release tension and stress from the knees.

To practice this Jin Shin Jyutsu® exercise correctly, as described in The Touch of Healing by Alice Burmeister, please check proper holding positions shown in the above illustration.  Always remember to jumper-cable both hands and feet.

 This exercise is also useful when you experience any of the following:

Jumper-Cabling Middle Toes & Fingers

• I’m angry

• I’m tired.  I look haggard.

• I bruise easily.

• I have migraines.

• My eyes are giving me problems.

jumoer-cabling middle toes & fingers• My digestion is giving me problems.

• I have speech problems.

• I have hearing problems.

• I’m always hyper-I can’t relax.

• I can’t breathe.