finger pose 4 releasing general daily fatigueJin Shin Jyutsu® Finger Pose 4 aids in releasing the fatigue, tension, and stress that can build up during one’s day It assists in the release of worries, fears, and anger. This mudra pose can be used to ease the following mental or physical difficulties: 1. I get so tired. 2. I feel insecure about everything – my health, my wealth, my happiness. 3.  I’m beginning to feel old and look old. 4. I get irritated and angry over nothing. 5. I worry about everything.

Technique:  Hold the back of the left thumb, index, and middle fingers with the right thumb. Place the rest of the right fingers on the palm side of the left thumb, index, and middle fingers. Hold this position lightly for several minutes or longer and then complete this technique for the right thumb and fingers.

(This information is taken from The Touch of Healing by Alice Burmeister with Tom Monte.  We will continue tomorrow with Finger Pose 5).