animal spirit guide pelican

The post subjects are often not picked by me but for me.  I have been entertained on my morning walks for the last week by watching the pelicans flying, swooping and fishing. This morning I wondered about pelican as this week’s animal spirit guide.  However, I didn’t given it another thought until later after finishing some errands. Treating myself to a cruise through Barnes & Noble, I picked up a book by Lesley Morrison called The Healing Wisdom of Birds. Playing my favorite book game, I opened to a random page.  Yes! you guessed, it was pelicans!

animal spirit guide pelicanPelican’s Mythological past:

Believed to have mysterious life-giving powers – Like the phoenix, linked with the alchemical process of resurrection – worldwide symbol of charity, compassion and devotion – Queen Elizabeth wore a pendant depicting a pelican, representing her selfless love of her people.

Call on Pelican energy when:

You feel the need to ‘lighten up’ – You feel the need to let go of resentment or anger towards another – You feel overwhelmed and want to rise above your heavy emotional state – You feel the need to keep your head held high, despite your trials and tribulations

Pelican wisdom includes: 

Proper use of abundance – Control of ego – Recovery from loss – Ability to float through emotions – Ability to return from the edge of extinction


animal spirit guide pelican


I release all my anger, resentmentand guilt.

I have compassion for myself and others.

I raise above my past.