Crystals for Goddess Within YOU!

These four healing crystals are recommended for the Goddess Within You!

Healing Crystals for the Goddess WithinAmazonite is a Goddess Stone. It offers us a place of quiet compassion. It encourages us to release self judgment and connect to our own power with joy and confidence. It is an empowering stone and can provide inner fulfillment when we recognize the power we hold within.  Amazonite increases self-esteem, especially in women, and reduces tendencies to self-neglect. It also empowers one to set appropriate boundaries, inwardly in self-discipline, and with others in establishing healthy relationships.

Healing Crystals for he Goddess WithinLarimar is also known as a Goddess stone.  It augments your feminine power and your connection to Divine feminine energy.  It is a most soothing and serene stone, able to calm and relax the emotions. It can bring peace  to any situation. It supports a state of well being and reminds us that all is well. It is useful for the throat chakra, providing the power of clear communication.


Healing Crystals for the Goddess WithinLapis Lazuli is a powerful healing stone believed to impart awareness of the ancient knowledge and wisdom of the Egyptian Sky Goddess Isis.  Lapis Lazuli is a high-vibrational stone with endless potential.  As the stone of total awareness, it can help one expand their emotional and metaphysical intellect and bring clarity and strength to the mind body spirit connection.  This stone is believed to strengthen users ability to activate and open the Third Eye and Throat Chakras and has psychic abilities.

Healing Crystals for the GoddessAjoite in Quartz is a strong and deeply cherishing feminine vibration.  These crystals have a sweet and high-vibration… that simply immerses you in pure loving energy from the Goddess. This lovely stone vibrates within all of the chakras from the heart chakra up… including the thymus or higher heart chakra. The higher heart chakra is about the energy of Divine love. This stone provides the most amazing energy of love, that the Goddess could implant into a stone.