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I was fortunate to have two days in Athens before meeting on the Island of Crete.  There were four of us pilgrimage sisters that met for the first time in Athens and traveled together to Delphi Ruins (510-323 BC), which is known for the Pythian Games or the precursors of the modern Olympics.   However, I learned Delphi was labeled the “omphalos” (navel) of the earth, or the center of the world.

Where I felt strong feminine energy was spending quiet time at the Temple Ruins of the Goddess of Athena.  To walk amongst those enormous stones, feel the space being wrapped in the womb of the mountain, was spine-thrilling.  I invite you to imagine joining me and visualize the feminine spirit, as we gaze at this photo of the amazing ruins and surrounding mountains.  You possibly can feel the heat penetrating your skin and energy rising up through the soles of your shoes.  Believe me, it did feel like we were at the navel of the center of the World.

Athena Temple of Delphi-2

The trip to Delphi was a 11 hour round trip from Athens.  I only had part of the next day to visit Acropolis which fortunately was within walking distance.  My friend and I got up the next morning and was at the gate at 8 a.m.  The Parthenon served as a temple to Athena.  This was considered Sacred Grounds of Greece.  What was so moving was seeing Acropolis at night from the top of our hotel. There something so magical about this ancient city that raises above today’s Athens.

_Acropolis 3-2

It is impossible not to feel the energy of this magnificent ruins.