Indigo Healing PropertiesIndigo has a strong sedative effect on the nervous system.  It helps to open up intuition and relieves fears. Indigo is a great purifier of the bloodstream and also benefits mental problems.

Find Yourself on the Indigo Balance Line: What best describes how you feel right now…?

Needing Indigo Balancing: Depleted -Pulling away, aloof; Fear of – Fear being ignored, not heard.  These stones(indigo, sapphire, and azurite) are used to increase the depleted Indigo energy.  Indigo colored clothing, or using Indigo in your home or office décor also helps.

BALANCED INDIGO – Articulation, Imagination, Wit

Having too much Indigo: Fear of - Fear of being imposed upon (Slightly excessive):

Excessive – Imposing will on others (Greatly excessive) When Indigo is excessive, use peach to balance.