Crown Chakra Meditation Revisited

This post first appeared March 2, 2013.  I find when working with clients that many times their Crown Chakra needs balancing.  The following lovely meditation for balancing the Crown Chakra was introduced by Sue Windred.   This would be an excellent chakra meditation to record in your own voice, reading slowly and allowing for pauses where appropriate.

Crown Chakra Meditation Revisited(The author’s spaces below indicate pauses).

“Sit back comfortably      with your back straight,      take a deep breath      and breathe out all your tension.    Imagine yourself on a grassy patch      on top of a hill. Looking up    you see a beautiful rainbow      in the clear blue sky.     All the colors are clear    yet blending into each other.    As you gaze at the rainbow    you feel it coming towards you.     You watch     as it gets closer     until it is above your head.    Sitting there    you feel the colors absorbing in through your Crown Chakra.

Feel the red going down to your Root Chakra.    The orange going down to your Sacral Center.   The yellow going down to your Solar Plexus.     The green going down to the heart.  The blue going to the throat.   The indigo going to third eye.   And the violet to your crown.  

Feel all the colors     absorbing     into all your chakras.     Sit for awhile     continue to take in all the colors.       When you are ready      open your eyes,      feeling relaxed     but alive.”

This chakra balancing meditation can be used whenever and as often as you like.


Using Color for Knee Problems

January 7th, 2013 | Posted by Velda in COLORS


Inna Segal covers knee problems in her book, The Secret Language of Your Body, and suggests what colors to use for healing the possible following contributing factors:  control, blame, judgment, anger, resentment, frustration, inflexibility and feeling stuck.  It can also be unsolved family issues, problems dealing with a person, or situation and also difficulty making decisions and keeping commitments.  For many of us it is the fear of moving forward, or the need to know what will happen next.

If your are having problems with your right knee, the author points out that this might be connected to emotional issues with a significant male in your life, or fear of moving forward in your career, limited thinking, or fear of failure.  The author suggests you ask yourself this question “Where am I inflexible in my life?”

If your problems are in the left knee this relates to issues with a significant female in your life.  It could mean you are holding on to sadness, hurt, and loss from past or feeling like a victim.   You might feel constant criticism is holding you back.  The author requests you ask yourself “Am I willing to let go of controlling, blaming, and judging myself and others?  Can I give myself permission to move forward with trust, love, and certainty?”  

Hopefully you can answer either of these questions with a yes, visualize releasing that which is bothering you and then we will enjoy learning how to run healing colors into the knees.  Start by sitting down and rubbing your hands together and start feeling the heat and possibly tingling sensation in the palms of your hands.  Place your hands around your knee.  Now start visualizing a warm powerful green ray of light moving into your knee.  Visualize the green ray releasing all negative energy and generating healthy energy.



You can also visualize the pink ray of light which is the energy of unconditional love.  It releases worry, stress, and negativity replacing negative with love.

Feel free to experiment with the orange ray of light which helps bring all emotions to the surface for clearing, helping to heal a wide range of issues.  Don’t be discouraged if you can’t visualize the color.  You can wrap the knee with the a piece of clothing in the color or a gemstone in the color you choose to work with…try, believe and good healing.