Reflexology/EO's Aid Processing Toxins

We can all take a little time practicing some simple reflexology to help aid the gallbladder process and eliminate toxins.  The following directions are taken from Skye Alexander’s Reflexology Card Deck:

Reflexology/EO's Aid Processing ToxinsLocation:  The sole of the right foot where the arch joins the heel, almost in line with the fourth toe.

Conditions Aided:  Processing & elimination of toxins, digestion, gallstones, irritability.

Treatment: Use the heel of your hand to massage the right arch, begin in the center and work toward the outside of the foot.  Next, rub the spot with your thumb, gradually increasing the pressure you apply.  If sensitivity persists, finish by firmly pressing two knuckles to the area and hold for 30 seconds or until sensitivity decreases.

Beneficial Essential Oils: Use essential oil or lotion that contains peppermint or rosemary essential oil to aid purification and digestion.