Resolving 5th Chakra Negativity

May 2nd, 2016 | Posted by Velda in CHAKRAS

Resolving Throat Chakra Negativity

The Throat Chakra has to do with self expression and communication.  It is the first energetic center that differentiates man from all other life forms.  The Positive Archetype is The Communicator.  Communicators tell the truth to the best of their ability.  The Negative Archetype is The Silent Child.  This is a person who has suppressed  expressiveness because of fear or shame.

Resolving Throat Chakra Negativity

Location:  The internal and external throat

Function:  This center governs the thyroid and controls our ability to communicate our thoughts.  Throat Chakra acts as a container for vital energy, keeping it intact from becoming stagnant or draining away.

Physical Body Energy:  Controls metabolism — affects physical and mental development.  Associated body parts are throat, mouth, teeth, jaw, and ears.

Emotional Body Energy:  Releasing feelings through expressing self.  This includes crying, shouting, laughing, and saying that you are not happy, comfortable, or pleased.

Mental Body Energy:  Having a clear sense that expressing your truth is your key to individuality.  Speaking the truth, not gossiping, lying, or exaggerating.

Working Through Throat Chakra Negativity (based on Ambika Wauters’ book, The Book of Chakras)

1.  Make a commitment to be as truthful as you can in all situations.

2.  Allow your creative spirit to manifest in every activity where you feel comfortable expressing yourself.

3.  Watch levels of substance abuse such as smoking, drugs—both medical/ recreational, overeating, and drinking.  They weaken the will and destroy the Throat Chakra.

4.  Be careful what you say about others.  Gossip can cause damage to others as well as to yourself.

5.  Build your credibility by coming from your integrity.  People will respect you.

6.  Listen to your feelings.  Know what is true for you.

7.  Listen to what is good, truthful, loving, and kind.  It helps to keep your ears sensitive and open.

8.  Speak clearly and mean what you say.  Your communication counts.

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