Animal Spirit Guide-Dolphin

The dolphin animal spirit guide is the symbol of breath, life, love, balance and community.

If DOLPHIN shows up it means:

  • Meditate today – listen more and talk less.
  • Think and behave more loving and positive toward a person you are having difficulty with.
  • Try Dolphin breathing by taking three slow, deep breaths, each time exhaling with an audible “Puh!” sound.  Observe how you feel.

Call on DOLPHIN when:

  • You need to breathe some fresh air into your life.Animal Spirit Guide Dolphin
  • There is a conflict with someone close to you and you want to clear things up.
  • You are being prompted to move into some deeper spiritual work.

If DOLPHIN is your Power Animal:

  • You are a master communicator.
  • You’re sensitive and aware of people’s feelings
  • You are intuitive, playful and turn everything into a game.

Animal Spirit Guide-Dolphin