This is a powerful book that proves how important Western Medicine and Alternative Medicine can be comrades in the battle against disease.   Dr. Gaynor has done more for advancing the knowledge of sound healing power in the western world than anyone else.  His book is filled with a wealth of information with exercises on how to use toning, sound healing, singing bowls and music. His book discusses how many of his patients recovered from life-threatening illneses when including sound therapy along with their prescribed western regime.  Please be sure to check out sound/chants categories where I will be featuring different sound healing exercises in this book.  I promise this is not boring, stuffy reading, it is facinating.  I give it 5 stars.

Roaringlioncleansing,releasingforpainIn Mitchell L. Gaynor, M.D.’s book, ‘The Healing Power of Sound’, he discusses specific toning exercise.  He states “Moaning and groaning are cleansing sounds that come naturally when aches and pains are being released.  High-pitched, penetrating sounds, or even fierce screaming can help break up energy blockages that may have led to emotional and physical armoring.  Release the sound that you feel from within.  It may be a bloodcurdling, terrifying scream that could go on for several minutes, until it may actually end in laughter.  Releasing a scream that has been held in for decades can be a joyous, liberating experience.”

I know this works.  If you find it difficult to let out a bloodcurdling scream, how about a fierce roar?   NO KITTY ROAR, purring is for toning later.