Ring Finger Energy #4 Meditation


The ring finger is associated with the Root Chakra, which rules the pelvic floor.  This force gives stamina, staying power, and the power to be assertive.

Liver and triple warmer meridians are also associated with the ring finger.  The Liver meridian gives a person patience, serenity, hope and vision for the future.  The triple warmer rules protective body functions, including the immune system.  This finger provides stability.

Ring Finger Energy Exercise from Mudras Yoga in Your Hands by Gertrud Hirschi:

Ring Finger Energy #4 Meditation


1.  Sit or lie down.  Encircle left finger with the four fingers of your right hand.  Close your eyes.

1.  Imagine bare earth as a desert that is dried out from being exposed to the sun.

2.  Now imagine fertile earth, with little plants, bigger plants. Focus on one single seed deep within the Earth.

3.  With every breath, something move inside until the seed bursts and a shoot stretches into the light.

4.  Visualize a young tree sprouting roots deep into the earth.  The tree blooms every year and bares fruit.

5.  Like the tree, we want to give ourselves completely to life and every year our inner development continues.  We decisively influence whether it is joyful or sorrowful.

7.  Keep holding your left finger for a while and feel the flowing warmth.  Then encircle your right finger and hold it for the same amount of time.

Tomorrow is the last of the Finger Energy Exercises!