Heart Help - Mudra Apan Vayu

I was thrilled to find the following mudra to teach my ailing 86 year old mother. She suffers from severe angina pain. The Apan Vayu Mudra is a very powerful and in ancient India was considered to be a life saver for anyone having a heart attack.

Practice Apan Vayu Mudra:

1. (Mudra Position) The tip of the middle finger and ring finger touches the tip of the thumb, while the index finger touches the base of thumb and the little finger is stretched out (see picture above).  2. Rest in a comfortable posture (can be done lying in bed).  3.Breathe gently through the nostrils. 4. Hold this Mudra for a 10-15 minutes.

Apan Vayu Mudra triggers the following synchronized energy of the five elements: 

Heart Help - Mudra Apan Vayu

1.  With the folding of index finger, the air element is reduced which immediately relieves the pain in the heart. While touching the tips of thumb, middle finger and ring finger, fire (heat), space and earth elements are increased.

2.  The impurity in the blood is removed with the increase of heat element.

3.  The increased space element helps in the supply of more oxygen to arteries of the heart.

4.  Increased earth element helps strengthens the muscles of the heart.

Heart patients and blood pressure patients can practice the mudra at least 3 times a day to see best results.