Preseli Bluestone Reclaiming Lost Energy

Preseli Bluestone is the same stone that the ancient stone monoliths at Stonehenge are made from. This is a powerful variety of stone that has a number of excellent attributes that Sue Lilly and Simon Lilly share in their book Preseli Bluestone: Medicine Stone of the Ancestors.

Preseli Bluestone Reclaiming Lost EnergyHealing qualities of Preseli Bluestone can derive from physical appearances and color.  Black elements suggest the ability to ground energy.  Black encourages introversion and quiet contemplation.  Blue has a similar sedating and quieting effect on the body and mind.  Blue is also associated with the communicating senses.  Greens links to the processes of the natural world, the energy of relationship,  and the awareness of ‘self’.

Where there is visible white inclusions, these become a focus of the mind.  White clarifies, reveals, initiates and defines.  The presence of metallic silver and red introduces a quality of uncovering and revealing.  Any metallic surface brings a sense of protection and grounded strength.

Technique:  Reclaiming Lost Energy – 5 Preseli Bluestone Reclaiming Lost Energy

1.  Make sure you are not going to be disturbed.

2. This layout helps to energize and organize the auric field, disentangling blocks and energies that have become stuck in the aura.  It helps to repair the deep layers of the energy bodies.

3.  Eight Preseli Bluestones are placed to create two rectangles.  The inner rectangle is level with the eyes.  The outer rectangle is above the Crown and well below the feet.

4.  Place stones in position.  Five minutes is a good length of time for the first experience.   If any time you feel uncomfortable, move out of position.  Let the feeling subside and then resume if you wish.

5.  At the end of the session, take plenty of time to return to normal activity, drink plenty of water and remember to cleanse your stones.