Pasowee - Goddess of EnduranceThe Kiowa people of the North American Plains tell a story of a courageous woman who, on her return home from having escaped her kidnappers, lost her way in the forest. Crawling under the hide of a dead buffalo for protection against the cold night, she was given the Spirit of the Buffalo in her dreams. When she awoke, she knew how to find her way home and returned to her people with the Spirit of the Buffalo, providing food, medicine, clothing, shelter, and the knowledge of how to build tepees. From her gift their spirituality grew.

PASOWEE’S RITUAL - found in Goddess Guide Me

by Amy Zerner & Monte Farber

Pass That Test!

Pasowee - Goddess of EnduranceTo invoke the Goddess PASOWEE’s ability to see through cultural stereotypes and endure the time needed to remove all obstacles, fill a bowl with un-popped corn as an offering to Mother Earth. Burn some sage in an earthen bowl to clear the air of any clinging attachments and negativity. Wrap yourself in a blanket as PASOWEE wrapped herself in the first buffalo skin. Turn to the Four Directions; North, South, East, and West, and as you face each direction recite these words:Pasowee - Goddess of Endurance

Whenever a stressful time seems too severe to endure, wrap yourself in your blanket and repeat the ritual ten times to reinforce your connection with PASOWEE’s strength and protection.