Pain Relieve - Neck, Back & More

Find acupressure point SI 3 on the outer edge of BOTH hands just behind the knuckles of the little fingers.  Follow acupressure directions below for pain relief to the neck, back, wrists, and fingers.

Pain Relieve-Neck, Back & MoreLocation:  In the depression underneath the knuckle of the little finger and in line with the crease when a loose fist is made.

Technique: Curl the fingers of one hand over the fingers of the opposite hand for support.  locate the point using the nail of the index finger and apply acupressure angled inwards underneath the bone.  Apply steady, stationary pressure to SI 3 acupoint for 1-2 minutes.

It is important to repeat technique on your other hand.

Benefits:  Reduces general aching in the body and relieves stiffness and pain in the neck, back, wrist, and fingers.