Finger pose 3 calming/revitalizing

Zin Shin Jyutsu® Pose 3 is for calming the body, releasing nervous tension and stress, and revitalizing all organ functions as described in The Touch of Healing by Alice Burmeister with Tom Monte.

This pose can also be used whenever you feel any of the following states of mind or physical symptoms: 1. I get so nervous.  2. I worry about my heart.  3. I can’t walk too long without getting out of breath.  4. I’m always ‘trying-to’.  5. I get so depressed. I have no fun.

Technique:  Hold the palm side of the left little and ring fingers with the right thumb.  Place the other right fingers on the back of the left little and ring fingers (as shown).  Hold this pose lightly and as long as you desire.  Remember to reverse technique for the right fingers.