Animal Spirit Guide - Caterpillar

Several weeks ago my daughter and I were walking through our local botanical garden and we came upon a woolly caterpillar.  I was immediately taken back to my childhood and being so thrilled when seeing a woolly brown on the trail.  So concerned it might not make it to safety, I picked it up carefully. I was tickled the beautiful brown and red-orange beauty felt confident to crawl in my hand and not roll up in a protective ball.  I then did what all caterpillar lovers would do and placed it in the green belt to find it’s chosen location to start spinning a cocoon.

Animal Spirit Guide - CaterpillerCaterpillar Spirit Animal:

The caterpillar represents new birth and is a symbol of good luck.

When visited by caterpillar, know that a transformative change will occur.  It is when we give birth to new ideas and creativity.  This stage teaches us the importance of patience and that all things will come to fruition in nature’s time.

Caterpillars signify a need for a quiet approach to our activities and endeavors. Their visit  may even indicate that a person or persons are blocking our growth or serve as a reminder that we must look at things and people around us realistically at this time. Failure to do so will slow down our progress.Spirit Animal Guide Caterpillar