Nature’s Tree Healing Spirits

September 7th, 2016 | Posted by Velda in NATURE'S HEALING GIFTS

Nature's Healing Tree Spirits

(Can you find the Young Woman Spirit hiding & the Wise Elder Spirit resting?)

I know every one that loves trees, like myself (a true tree hugger), can attest that each individual tree has its own energy.  Trees also carries a spirit or a piece of energy from its species as a whole (like our DNA).  For instance my favorite giant oak tree in the backyard of my previous home has its own unique energy, but it also carries with it the otherworldly qualities of every Oak Tree that’s ever existed.  Native American teachings refer to trees as  ”The Standing People.”   These Native teachings speak of the special lessons and gifts trees give to humankind.  The two trees featured above are among other (Standing People) trees I have seen in my city’s local botanical park.  I invite you all to start looking for the personality of some of your favorite trees.

Nature's Healing Gift - The Oak Tree

Here are four Tree Spirit Guides that might come into your life (this list is by no means all inclusive):

Nature's Tree Healing SpiritsOak is one of the most loved trees in history. It has an energy that is strong, powerful, mostly masculine, deeply-rooted, and wise.  Oak also represents steadfastness, stability, and carrying an acorn with you will bring protection.

Willow is a favorite. She holds feminine energy, as well as being a representation of the moon and the goddess. Willow will bring you dreams and help in enchantments among many other things.  Visit a Willow if you are wanting to be open to clairvoyance and the powers of the third eye.Nature's Tree Healing Spirits

Palm  tropical tree is found in warmer climates. This magical tree totem will bring the sunshine into your life metaphorically speaking. In ancient Egypt, the palm tree was a phallic symbol representing the fertility of the gods, namely Osiris.

Pine tree has many spiritual properties which  include fertility, abundance, health, purification, and rebirth. It is associated with ancient wisdom, impeccability and eternal life.

Keep in mind that any type of tree can be your totem or spirit guide and will vary depending on where you live.  We will be reviewing more of the beautiful Tree Spirit Guides in the future.   You might want to go out and hug a tree today.  It is very healing.

Nature's Tree Healing Spirits