Pele-Goddess of Fire Magic

July 21st, 2014 | Posted by Velda in GODDESS WISDOM


My last week past very quickly while studying Hawaiian Huna & Shamanism from Dr. Serge Kahili King.  His course shared the following: “In the Hawaiian language, the word “goddess” would translate as akua, which actually means an idea, concept or archetype.  Shamans often personify these in order to work with them as sources of inspiration, or channels to the High Self…”

Pele-Goddess of Fire MagicI was staying in Volcano Village near the Kilauea Volcano.  According to Hawaiian legends, this is the home of the fire goddess Pele.  Pele is also known as the goddess of energy, creativity, passionate love and at times jealous wrath.   Her element is fire and she can be invoked to increase emotional or biological energy, motivation and focus.

Pele represents Shamanism Principle MAKIA:  Energy flows where attention goes, and attention goes where energy flows.  Change your experience by changing your focus.  I got to experience Pele on my last morning of classes.  Several classmates, myself and one of our instructors met at the volcano for sunrise chanting.  The goal was to get there while it was dark so we could see Pele’s red flames.  The instructor and I arrived a little late and didn’t get to experience seeing Pele.  However, the five of us did the sunrise chant, honored Pele and when we completed Pele decided to share her glow for me in the day light which I was told is very rare.  MAHALO, Pele for showing your fire magic!

Pele Goddess of Fire Magic