Dynamind Technique for Healing

It was such an honor to train with Dr. Serge Kahili King for a week in Hawaii.  One of the simplest healing gifts I brought back was his Dynamind® Technique referred to as DMT.  This effective method of healing is based on using a special hand position, forming three specific statements, tapping or rubbing four points on the body and completing the round with breath work.

 Dynamind® Technique:

Dynamind Technique for Healing

We begin by bringing both hands together touching only the fingertips, as if holding a globe.  This serves as a signal to the sub-conscious that the healing process is about to begin.  It also helps the body to relax.  Maintain hand position throughout the process of Dynamind® except during the tapping segment.

Dynamind Technique for Healing

The Dynamind® Statement is composed of three parts, and is neither an affirmation nor request. First acknowledge the problem. ”I have a painful earache in my right ear.” Second, acknowledge the problem (earache) can change.  Third, state that you want this problem (earache) to go away.

3. The Touch

Dynamind Technique for HealingDynamind Technique for HealingDynamind Technique for Healing





Dynamind® uses four specific areas of the body for tapping or touching at a count of seven on each location.  1. Start tapping the thymus 7 times which helps relieve anxiety, relax the chest and lung muscles and stimulate the immune system. 2 & 3. Tap the Hoku points on each hand.  These points are often stimulated for headache relief and are considered by some to have a revitalizing effect on the whole body.  This is the web area between the thumb and pointer finger.  4. Tap the 7th cervical vertebra (the bony hump at the top of the spine/base of neck).  Stimulation of this area revitalizes and relaxes the upper body, spine and pelvic area.

Dnyamind Technique for HealingYou will complete the ROUND with Hawaiian breathing called piko-piko.  This breathing consists of inhaling with the attention on the crown of the head and exhaling with the attention on the naval or the toes.  The concept is that this produces a wave of energy between the two points which is both relaxing and vitalizing.

Determine how many ROUNDS of the sequence of Statement, Tapping and Breath your symptoms need.  If the nature of location of the symptom changes then adjust your statement.

I hope you give this a try, it works! Mahalo.