Series #4-Path To Enhancing Emotions

Lets review the author’s next two principles of her Ten Basic Principles of Healing before looking at her following three exercises.  Principle 5: Move Your Body.  Regular exercise can help you to feel better about yourself, to enjoy your body, to have more energy, to detoxify, and to heal.  Principle 6: Listen To Your Body.   What are your cycles?   Take a break for a few minutes every couple of hours.  Stretching, deep breathing, or even a short meditation can make the difference between feeling tired, stagnant, and stressed or feeling healthy, creative, and relaxed.  Now begin the exercises by finding a quiet comfortable location and body position.  Breathe deeply for several moments.  Keep a notepad and pen nearby to write down insights that may come to you in the process.Series #4 - Path to Enhancing Emotions1.  Say: “Divine Healing Intelligence, please shine your yellow ray of happiness into every aspect of my being, energizing, brightening, and revitalizing me.  Awaken laughter, joy, and fun in my life.  Bring back my optimism, inner strength, and pleasure.  Sweep through every cell in my body, awakening, enlivening, and renewing it. Thank you.”

2.  Repeat the word “CLEAR” several times until you feel lighter.

3.  Happiness is a choice.  Make a decision to welcome happiness, joy, and laughter into your life.  Ask yourself, “What am I happy about now?”  Many people caught up in life’s problems stop nurturing themselves and having fun.  Joy, happiness, and fun keep us healthy, energized and enthusiastic.  So, start planning fun things to do.  Notice in every moment what gives you pleasure, even if you are stuck in traffic or standing in line at the store.Series #3 - Path To Enhancing Emotions

1.  Say:  “Divine Healing Intelligence, please flood my consciousness, emotions, and body with the pink ray of unconditional love and honor.  Allow me to see, feel, and experience my true value.  Awaken my sense of compassion for others, and guide me in supporting them in the best, most loving way possible.  Inspire me to see my own and other people’s magnificence, acceptance, and honor.  Revive my inner strength, and heighten my faith in myself and my ability to make the most empowering decisions possible.  Thank you.”

2.  Repeat the word “CLEAR” several times until you feel lighter.

3.  Become aware of how judgments have affected your life and the people around you.  Begin valuing, honoring, and supporting yourself and others to make your life and theirs a more empowering, wonderful experience.  Each day, think about the way you view others.  Do you appreciate and value them, and the role they play in your life?Series #4-Path To Enhancing Emotions

1.  Say: “Divine Healing Intelligence, I call on the green-white flame of purity to regenerative my body, clear my mind, and uplift my soul.  Please unlock all areas of my life that contain joy, laughter, innocence, and light.  Free me from all negativity, shackles, and limitations.  Reawaken my enthusiasm for life, and raise my consciousness from dullness to clarity and inspiration.  Thank you.”

2.  Repeat the word “CLEAR” several times until you feel lighter.

3.  Allow yourself to connect to and focus on that which is pure, like babies, flowers, animals, spiritual teachings.  Also wear green and white for a few days, or visualize those colors bathing your body.