Energy Healing – Creative Vision

January 17th, 2016 | Posted by Velda in ENERGY HEALING

Energy Healing - Creative Vision

Today there is nothing better than recycling a past post (November, 2012).  We are now into some gloomy days.  This is the perfect time to plan a creative play date with our inner child.  The following is my adaptation of Dr. Bernie S. Siegel’s Exercise 58 in his book, 101 Exercises for the SOUL:

Energy Healing - Creative Vision

Energy Healing: Step One – Draw Me a Tree!

First, get yourself a big box of crayons, colored pens, or paints, and a drawing tablet.

If you are concerned about your artistic ability, let your inner-child come out to play by drawing and coloring with your non-dominant hand.  There is something so wonderful about childlike art.

This is a wonderful tool for self-expression.

Draw a picture of an outdoor scene, and include a tree in your art piece.

Do not read Step Two until you have completed the drawing.Energy Healing - Creative Vision

 Healing Energy: Step Two-Interpret Drawing

1.  Now interpret your drawing.  Here are a few questions:

2.  How empty or full is the picture?

3.  What colors did you choose?  This drawing represents your life and the tree represents you.

4.  What does your drawing say about how you feel about your environment and yourself?

5.  Are you blooming?  Are you waning?

6. How important are you in the scheme of things?

Energy Healing - Creative Vision