Benefits of Daily Scalp Massage

First off I want to shout a warm hello and thanks to a reader in South Dakota for extending her appreciation of bwb and asking some great questions that are responsible for today’s blog.   She has been giving herself scalp massages, where she probably benefits from acupressure, reflexology, and shiatsu points that release pain and emotional blockages from other parts of the body.

The following simple scalp massage treatments are in response to the above mentioned e-mail (thanks again South Dakota):

Benefits of Daily Scalp MassageMassaging the Paihui point (GV20): The Paihui is the most sensitive and essential area in your scalp. A short 5 minute massage of this area everyday will help in the growth of hair. Place all your fingers of the right hand on the Paihui. Gently push your fingers in the vertical direction (from your forehead to the back of your scalp) massage should be soft and soothing. You will see results in a short time.Benefits of Daily Scalp Massage


Scalp Massage Can Lower Stress Levels Responsible for Hair Loss:

Benefits of Daily Scalp MassageStress is a well-known cause for temporary hair loss. Scalp massage can help combat the hair loss by reducing the physical effects of stress on the body. It does so by:

Benefits of Daily Scalp Massage

Promoting feelings of deep relaxation in the body.

Relieving muscle tension.

Improving lymphatic drainage.

Improving venous circulation.

Stimulating nerve pathways.

Stimulating the release of the body’s natural feel-good hormones – Benefits of Daily Scalp Massageendorphins.

When massaging the scalp and you feel bumps that are sore, these are probably calcium deposits (salts that harden under the skin).   You can massage these areas gently.  They generally  are not harmful, but can be painful.  I recommend you check out the different natural remedies that can be used to help treat this condition.